Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So I'm thinking I want something more, but I have no idea what. I'm told that I need to build my life and get stable and become my "own" person before I can find someone to join me, but that's the thing... I feel unfocused when I'm not involved. I have always been a relationship guy, I probably ALWAYS will be. I like making breakfast for someone. I like remembering birthdays. I LIKE being able to sit in a room in silence while I play on the computer and she watches her favorite show, and have it be OK to not have to talk about everything under the sun. Anyone can chat with someone, true love is being able to sit in complete silence and just be comfortable in the others company. Ugh - The dates, the meetings, the drinks, the phone numbers, the names, the pets, the kids, the family, the likes, the dislikes... It's enough work remembering things like this of my friends, let alone the GANG of women in the dating world. Why can't we skip that. Why can'twe all just carry journals that include our idiosyncracies and oddities for the passerby to leaf through should they be interested in pursuing a relationship.  Dating at face value, ho ho! That'll be the day. Until then I'll waste my time, money and brain power trying to find her.... Mohalo :)

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