Monday, May 23, 2011

Complete terror in an otherwise feelingless world

I'm not even sure where to begin here. Other than to tell you about a dream I had last night.

It seems, that with all of this talk of apocalypse and death and demise going on my inner psyche decided to jump on that wagon. As I slipped into an ambien induced world I had little knowledge of what kind of ride I was in for.

Some of this will be injecture, based upon my best recollection of the situation.

The First Tsunami came very quickly into my dream. I was walking maggie as I saw the wall of water coming, looming like you would imagine it to be - with a crest that would make a toddlers knees quake and a surfers quiver, for completely different reasons. It crash through the horizon, gobbling up phone lines and trees. We began to run as the wave swallowed us. I grabbed on as tight as I could to maggie. Not wanting to let go, knowing if I did she would be seperated forever from me. I remember feeling scared. For her life and mine. I wrapped my legs around her and arms and balled up with my back towards the direction we were going. I recall bouncing off of many things until finally we came up on a building. As my back slammed into it, the wall gave way and there was a pocket of air. We were able to wait there until this wave subsided.

The second, I don't recall why - but Maggie and I had loaded onto a school bus with  many other people when we saw it crashing along beside us. gradually rising up the sides of the school bus, I grabbed the wheel and steered us right into a hospital entrance, effectively wedging the bus in the doorway and creating (somehow) an air/water tight seal. We were able to climb through the front windshield which was know shattered and gather in the hospital. Again, I still had my mags.

The third one was the most powerful. For some reason I remember red cliffs, like those you would find in the desert (or thousand needles, for you nerds ;) ) - They were beset all about. I was walking a path, maggie and I both  and on the right the highcliff started to darken, I saw water starting to splash over the sides as water poured into the ?Valley? I was in. I wasn't able to hold onto maggie this time, as the water rushed us towards a cliff.Maggie went over first and as I came up to it, I grabbed hold in a crevice a foot or so down and swung myself under and overhang. my arm deeply wedged into the rock something touched my arm, and I freaked, almost fell then looked inside the hole my arm had been. There was a small puppy, soaking wet, surely planted here from one of the previous surges. It crawled out of the hole and I took ahold of it. As, again, the water began to subside and eventually completely dry up. I swung myself and new friend up onto the cliff I had fallen from just before. And, looking down I saw Cars overturned with a few people starting to crawl out of them, and then I saw maggie running around with them. Clearly happy. There was no going down there. For some reason I made no attempt. I grabbed my new friend, Whom I named "Tsuey" and together we walked - until shortly there after I woke up. The realism of the "events" in my dream were scarily vivid, while the fill escapes me now as I try and regurgitate it for you all to read...

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