Monday, May 23, 2011


Complete terror in an otherwise feelingless world

I'm not even sure where to begin here. Other than to tell you about a dream I had last night.

It seems, that with all of this talk of apocalypse and death and demise going on my inner psyche decided to jump on that wagon. As I slipped into an ambien induced world I had little knowledge of what kind of ride I was in for.

Some of this will be injecture, based upon my best recollection of the situation.

The First Tsunami came very quickly into my dream. I was walking maggie as I saw the wall of water coming, looming like you would imagine it to be - with a crest that would make a toddlers knees quake and a surfers quiver, for completely different reasons. It crash through the horizon, gobbling up phone lines and trees. We began to run as the wave swallowed us. I grabbed on as tight as I could to maggie. Not wanting to let go, knowing if I did she would be seperated forever from me. I remember feeling scared. For her life and mine. I wrapped my legs around her and arms and balled up with my back towards the direction we were going. I recall bouncing off of many things until finally we came up on a building. As my back slammed into it, the wall gave way and there was a pocket of air. We were able to wait there until this wave subsided.

The second, I don't recall why - but Maggie and I had loaded onto a school bus with  many other people when we saw it crashing along beside us. gradually rising up the sides of the school bus, I grabbed the wheel and steered us right into a hospital entrance, effectively wedging the bus in the doorway and creating (somehow) an air/water tight seal. We were able to climb through the front windshield which was know shattered and gather in the hospital. Again, I still had my mags.

The third one was the most powerful. For some reason I remember red cliffs, like those you would find in the desert (or thousand needles, for you nerds ;) ) - They were beset all about. I was walking a path, maggie and I both  and on the right the highcliff started to darken, I saw water starting to splash over the sides as water poured into the ?Valley? I was in. I wasn't able to hold onto maggie this time, as the water rushed us towards a cliff.Maggie went over first and as I came up to it, I grabbed hold in a crevice a foot or so down and swung myself under and overhang. my arm deeply wedged into the rock something touched my arm, and I freaked, almost fell then looked inside the hole my arm had been. There was a small puppy, soaking wet, surely planted here from one of the previous surges. It crawled out of the hole and I took ahold of it. As, again, the water began to subside and eventually completely dry up. I swung myself and new friend up onto the cliff I had fallen from just before. And, looking down I saw Cars overturned with a few people starting to crawl out of them, and then I saw maggie running around with them. Clearly happy. There was no going down there. For some reason I made no attempt. I grabbed my new friend, Whom I named "Tsuey" and together we walked - until shortly there after I woke up. The realism of the "events" in my dream were scarily vivid, while the fill escapes me now as I try and regurgitate it for you all to read...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

And so it begins~

Woke up this morning to a losing lottery ticket... Was I surprised? Nah, just a lil disappointed - I mean I am, after all, due for a big win. I'm a little tired of all of the idiots who have great things happen to them. A little tired of the lazy people who get things bestowed upon them without and real prejudice at all. It's really not fair, I don't mean to whine but COME ON!~ Yea yea, this too shall pass, the sun also rises, a new day yada yada. Blow it out your hole. I'm ready for the worm to turn and I'm not about to go quietly if it doesn't.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So I'm thinking I want something more, but I have no idea what. I'm told that I need to build my life and get stable and become my "own" person before I can find someone to join me, but that's the thing... I feel unfocused when I'm not involved. I have always been a relationship guy, I probably ALWAYS will be. I like making breakfast for someone. I like remembering birthdays. I LIKE being able to sit in a room in silence while I play on the computer and she watches her favorite show, and have it be OK to not have to talk about everything under the sun. Anyone can chat with someone, true love is being able to sit in complete silence and just be comfortable in the others company. Ugh - The dates, the meetings, the drinks, the phone numbers, the names, the pets, the kids, the family, the likes, the dislikes... It's enough work remembering things like this of my friends, let alone the GANG of women in the dating world. Why can't we skip that. Why can'twe all just carry journals that include our idiosyncracies and oddities for the passerby to leaf through should they be interested in pursuing a relationship.  Dating at face value, ho ho! That'll be the day. Until then I'll waste my time, money and brain power trying to find her.... Mohalo :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Long awaited release

To be completely honest, This Blog is a long time coming - Something I should have done months or even years ago -  a true platform for me to rant and rave about whatsoever I wish. A brief warning - this is my blog - it is not for the close minded, feint of heart, one sided, one minded or anyone offended by someone who speaks out about what ever is on their mind, no matter the topic. I will love the country and hate the president, I will love the presidency while despising the things  "U.S.A" has come to stand for. That's life :) It'll be a fun ride my friends, check back daily - I will attempt to update this with a great normalcy. Until then!